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This is what I call customer service! My salesman from Bill's Carpet in Henrietta came to my house today in response to concerns I had about my recently installed wood floors. He got down on his hands and knees, in his dress clothes, and inspected every spot I had marked. He agreed to replace numerous boards, within the manufacturer's guidelines. Then he proceeded to cut and glue pads onto all of my furniture, turning it over where necessary. What a great experience with a great salesman! Thank you, Dave!

- Betty on 03/30/2018

After shopping a few other flooring stores in the area we stopped by Bill's after a friend recommended them. We spoke with Dave who was able to recommend some great options in our price range. He personally came out to measure our space, gave a price on the spot and set up installation. This was all free - i had paid HD nearly $40 to come measure and never ever received the results of the appointment. HIGHLY recommend this company. Great experience from beginning to end.

- Matthew Davis on 03/30/2018

I just had Bill's Carpet & Furniture Center re-carpet a 1300 sq.ft. apartment that I manage. Everything went well and the carpet looks great! Eddie was great to work with and gave me a good price. The installers showed up on time and did a wonderful job. I'll definitely go back to Bill's for my future carpeting needs.

- Beau Leopard on 03/30/2018

David at Bill's did a great job working with us as we put new flooring throughout our house. I'd recommend him to anyone.

- Victor Scipioni on 03/30/2018

Excellent experience from start to finish ... salesman Nate was knowledgeable and very helpful explained everything well and got me set up for install ... install day came and our installer Rob was very friendly and explained everything he was doing so we weren’t feeling left out ... great guy and did an awesome job at in my home ... I would definitely recommend bills carpet center

- Norberto Guadalupe on 03/30/2018

We're so happy we decided to go with Bill's Carpet & Furniture store for our new carpet purchase. They have a very nice selection of carpeting to choose from and Dave at Bill's helped me select carpeting that was within my price range. We had 1,200 square ft of old carpeting removed and 1,200 of new wall to wall plush carpeting installed and these guys did an excellent job! Our new carpet is beautiful, the installation is perfect and they didn't leave a scratch on any of our furniture. The installers were friendly and courteous. They did a nice job cleaning up and they were a pleasure to be around.

- David & Patricia Neumann on 03/30/2018

I went in for carpet for our nursery and Eddie helped me. He was so great to work with and we got a great price! I definitely recommend bills for flooring needs!!!

- Karli Dunning on 03/30/2018

They were very supportive during our floor project. The contractor that they hired was very professional and did a great job. I would definitely recommend Bills Carpet for price and quality.

- Maryellen Ford on 03/30/2018

I would highly recommend Mike Merlo from Bill's Carpet to anyone looking for fast and quality service. I called needing 3 bedrooms and a basement carpet replaced and they had it completed by the following evening!

- mike leibenguth on 03/30/2018

Great prices on carpet

- PAulina STevens on 03/30/2018

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